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Where do you conduct the interview?
Interviews are conducted in our private studio suite or the client's home. We want the client to be as relaxed and comfortable as possible. Present at the interview session will be a videographer, notetaker and the director. who will be asking all the questions and directing the interview process.

How long does the interview take?
The set-up (the camera, lighting, and audio) takes approximately 30 minutes. The interview can run from several hours to several days, depending on your life stories, memories, etc. We want you to be one hundred percent happy with the finished program, so we discuss this at some length beforehand.

What video format do you shoot on?
We use a professional digital video camera that records on to miniDV. Typically, we will shoot on any video format you would prefer, including HD and 16:9/24p

How long does it take to get the finished DVD?
We strive to complete the editing as soon as possible. Typically, the shorter programs can be completed in less than 10 business days. Longer programs, especially those with extensive graphics, music, film, photos, etc. may take longer, five to six weeks to complete.

Can you use my favorite music in the background?
Unfortunately we cannot do that, because of copyright issues although we have several great music libraries with thousands of selections to choose from.

What questions will you ask?

The questions, and the detailed follow-up questions, will vary depending on your answers. We will ask about your parents, grandparents, and family that preceded you and then trace your life history: childhood, schools, relationships, children, travel, work experiences, life’s challenges, significant historical moments, politics, religion, etc. We will try to recreate as complete a biographical history as time allows.

Can I see the questions before the interview?
No. The questions are confidential. However, you may refuse any question that you feel is not applicable to you or decide you would rather not answer it.

What if I say something that I decide I do not want in the program?
You have absolute control of the results. If there is anything that you would like to change or correct, let us know after you have seen the first draft copy, and we will make the necessary changes and/or corrections.

What about confidentiality?
Your words, image, photos, and films are absolutely confidential. Occasionally, we may request your permission to use an excerpt to be displayed on our website. We will never use any material without your agreement.

What if my DVD is lost or damaged?
We archive all of our work. We would be happy to send you an additional copy for a small fee.



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