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VideoScribeit says it all. We will assist, direct and advise you every step of the way in relating your life stories, preserving memories and relationships to last for generations. All this is accomplished in a private, comfortable, confidential setting.

VideoScribeit offers the first hour free as a consultation. Here, we explain the process, time management, and applicable fees required to create a professionally designed book and DVD of your life story.

You can use our studio suite, or we can go to any location you choose to capture your life story, complete with photomontage and background music. Through our specially formulated questions, our director will prompt and guide you in telling your life story in an organized and chronological way that will be treasured by your family for generations to come.

VideoScribeit also offers online journaling and memory storage where you can create an autobiography, or the biography of a loved one, by using specially formulated and carefully-crafted questions. All you have to do is click on LIFE'S QUESTIONS and we will email you the first ten questions free of charge.

When we receive the answered questions, you can then purchase additional questions to complete your biography.*

It’s time to tell your story. There’s no time like the present and no better gift for your family.


Additional questions can only be purchased upon receipt of the answers to the initial questions.

  Demo 20% discount to Holocaust
Survivors and all US Veterans
of Foreign Wars. The first
interview is FREE