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Why Not? Every person has a unique life experience that should be acknowledged and recorded for one’s self and future generations. In today‘s world, it is critical to preserve one's life story and take the steps that will ensure a lasting legacy, honoring life's journey.

Everyone, especially older adults, should have the opportunity to pass on hard-learned lessons, life experiences, wisdom and values to younger generations. It helps the next generation to learn, grow and plan for a better future. And, it is amazing how people of all ages and backgrounds learn about themselves when sharing their life stories.

Life story questions must be meaningful and complete to ensure people’s stories are as rich and as comprehensive as possible. Every opportunity to involve families, volunteers, and youth in hearing and recording an older person’s life story is encouraged. When it comes to life stories, each person chooses what they wish to share or not share.

Reminiscence, recalling experiences, and telling one’s story has been found to help older adults to lower or even prevent depression, as well as promote social interaction. In addition, there is an increase in life and job satisfaction, and a reduction and/or elimination of boredom. Last, but not least, there is an acquired wisdom and pride in one's life's accomplishments.

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